Open A Door Foundation SHE-CAN Scholarship Supports Female Leadership

Open A Door Foundation pic The Open A Door Foundation (OAD) is a nonprofit dedicated to providing educational opportunities for young women from post-conflict countries. With the assistance of partners such as Generation Rwanda and local school counselors, it seeks promising young women who have excelled academically and works to help them access higher education, supporting their development into change-inspiring global leaders.

OAD accomplishes its goals via college preparatory classes, which help students prepare for both the SAT/TOEFL exams and the college application process in general, as well as through mentorship opportunities. Additionally, the organization sponsors scholarship programs such as SHE-CAN: Supporting Her Education Changes a Nation.

Focusing on underserved regions impacted by conflict and poverty, SHE-CAN aims to empower women in regions most in need of effective female leadership and gender equality. SHE-CAN strives to overcome income inequality while encouraging diversity and social equality, and the program benefits from the financial involvement of universities, corporations, and individual benefactors. OAD ultimately plans to establish annual SHE-CAN scholarship programs at 50 institutions of higher education across the United States.


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