Who were the speakers at the 2016 National Legal Mentoring Consortium Conference?

Chancellor'sAwards_suzzanne uhland_law mentor_National Legal Mentoring Consortium Conference
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“Mentoring: now more important than ever”. This was the motto used for the last National Legal Mentoring Consortium Conference that was celebrated in Ralph L. Carr Colorado Judicial Center  2 E 14th Ave, Denver, CO 80203  on May 5-7 from the current year. The event aimed to teach visitors the nuts and bolts of how to create a successful legal mentoring program, how to avoid the risks of potential liability from conflicts and client confidentiality issues, how to use diversity and inclusiveness to enhance a mentoring program, some of the ways legal mentoring is changing and evolving, and it warranted a great western hospitality. Clic here for more details about the event. 

Speakers at the event did a great job. The members of this excellent event were the experts on the field president of the American Bar Association Paulette Brown, Michael Hunter Schwartz, dean and professor of law at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, William H. Bowen School of Law, and national legal mentoring professionals, including noted consultant Ida Abbott as well as Karen Hester of the Center for Legal Inclusiveness. I invite you to learn more about about these professionals:

Paulette Brown

She is a lawyer who earned her B.A. from Howard University and a J.D. from Seton Hall University School of Law. Since August 4th 2015, she has been the president of the American Bar Association and became the first woman of color and third African-American person to be president of the ABA. Thus, Brown was the president of the Association of Black Women Lawyers of New Jersey.  She also has worked as mediator at  the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey.

Michael Hunter Schwartz

As described in the web page of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock http://ualr.edu/law/faculty/michael-hunter-schwartz/ “Dean Schwartz is generally regarded as one of the leading experts on law teaching, learning, assessment and curriculum design in the United States. Dean Schwartz was voted one of National Jurist magazine’s 2014 “25 Most Influential People in Legal Education.” He has authored more than 10 books such as Teaching Law by Design: Engaging Students from the Syllabus to the Final Exam (Carolina Academic Press 2010), Techniques for Teaching Law II (Carolina Academic Press 2011) and, most recently, What the Best Law Teachers Do (Harvard University Press 2013). Dean Schwartz has a law review article forthcoming this fall in the Valparaiso Law Review and another book scheduled to be published in spring 2014, Assessment: A Comprehensive Guidebook for Law Schools (Carolina Academic Press).

Ida Abbott

Since 1995 Ida Abbott has been helping employers to manage, develop and retain legal talent. Mentoring is another service this talented women offers, helping individuals to achieve professional success. Ida has long been recognized as a leader in the fields of mentoring and sponsorship, leadership development and legal talent management. She has written books such as Sponsoring Women: What Men Need to Know, Women on Top: The Woman’s Guide to Leadership and Power in Law Firms, Lawyers’ Professional Development: The Legal Employer’s Comprehensive Guide (2nd Edition), and The Lawyer’s Guide to Mentoring.

Karen Hester

This executive has more than 10 years of experience in defining, developing and implementing leading-edge diversity and inclusion strategies and programs aligned with, and incorporated into, the overall vision of the organization. Her areas of expertise are Diversity & Inclusion Program Management Change Management Program Effectiveness & Assessment Communication & Presentation Strategy Development & Execution Relationship Management Issue Identification & Resolution Team Building & Leadership. She is a strategic leader who positions and promotes an in-depth understanding of diversity and inclusion as a key skill set for leaders at all levels of the organization. As quoted on her Linkedin profile, she “ Builds positive relationships with internal/external partners and resources to enhance diversity programming, implement innovative inclusion initiatives, and strengthen diversity in talent recruitment, acquisition, retention, and development. Diplomatic leader with persuasive communication and presentation skills. Sees beyond the status quo to influence perspectives, identify areas of concern, and create lasting solutions.”

Mustang Mentoring_law mentoring_suzzanne uhland_National Legal Mentoring Consortium Conference
Image courtesy of Brian Ujiie at Flickr.com

Visit the post “Law mentoring programs” to learn more about the National Legal Mentoring Consortium.


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