Become The Best Mentor In Your Company

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The benefits that mentors can bring to a company are countless. These helpful individuals are in charge of giving valuable feedback and transfer institutional knowledge to those employees with less experience within the company. However, to carry out effective mentoring processes can be a bit of a challenge because some companies do not see this partnership as a priority that would render benefits for all. Helping young employees to deal with their position in the company and to understand organizational policies and processes would reduce a lot of mistakes the younger employees tend to make. In fact, great potential entrepreneurs have been guided and nurtured by wise mentors.

Other advantages of being a mentor may include: to have a current organizational perspective, to have a new understanding of different work procedures that new generations are actually using and to ensure satisfaction and accomplishment in professional goals.  This is why a mentor should carry out this task in a very meticulous and careful way.  They are the role models to be followed. If you really want to become a better mentor, here are a few pointers:

Start and develop a relationship between you and your mentee

Initially, you need to select the person who is going to be mentored. The aim to develop an empowering and healthy relationship with the individual, set future goals, and follow-up on what was agreed upon.

Encourage your mentee

Being available for the mentees will foster a sense of trust that will encourage them to develop more skills, abilities and gain more visibility before their superiors. Additionally, finding what mentees consider inspiring and motivating helps mentors encourage them to excel in their professional career. You can create new opportunities for your mentees as well, for example connecting them to your work network or motivating them to do professional ventures that they find satisfying.

Pay attention to the organization’s work environment

On the one hand, a good mentor should always be aware of aspects that are harming a healthy work environment.  On the other hand, he or she should stimulate positive aspects that are bringing forth new and positive opportunities for the mentee.  There are many existing opportunities within the company that you can take advantage of.

Provide guidance and counseling

A Mentor could be a model of dependability for a mentee. Mentees that trust will follow, reach agreed upon goals and provide feedback for their mentors. That is why good mentors show availability for regular sessions and prepare themselves with great insight that would edify and make the most of the time shared with the mentee.  Good mentors can also help their mentees face challenges or problems they might face in their current specific positions.  They are ready to listen in order to provide much needed counsel and advice.

Teach and share your insight

Good mentors are in charge of imparting knowledge and useful lessons learned from previous work experiences.  They communicate clearly what they know and their strategies as well. They also suggest practical material and training for helping mentees improve their work performance.

Motivate and inspire your mentees

One of the several functions of a mentor is to provide support, approval and encouragement to their mentees.  The mentor can make sure his mentees’ goals, efforts and interests are aligned with the overall organizational goals.  This way, mentees can engage even more in their work initiatives and professional development.

Appreciate your mentor’s initiatives and opinions

A good mentor will take into account ideas and initiatives that mentees can offer. He appreciates their efforts and empowers them by giving positive feedback.

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The effectiveness in fulfilling the role as a mentor is not exclusively yours, even though you should always carry out you part in the best manner.  Success depends on some other factors as well. Remember that mentoring in the end is a partnership between a mentor and a mentee and the response of the mentee is crucial for obtaining great results as well. Even if you are an excellent mentor, collaboration, willingness and responsiveness on the part of the mentee is required for receiving all the feedback and guidance that is provided. Mentees can also provide feedback and be honest about those aspects that they think are not working out in the relationship.  

It might seem challenging to be a mentor. But what is even more challenging are employees in need of support, trying to do things on their own.  Mentors are crucial in building personnel in meaningful ways, pushing employees to reach heights they never thought they could reach, eliciting ideas they never thought they could have.  Organizations do exist without mentors but they are  losing the chance of using such an amazing tools for organizational growth and entrepreneurial success.

To find out more about the practice of law mentors today on Suzzanne Uhland’s blog, click here to read the article.


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