The Best 7 Mentoring Relationships In Film

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from or what your line of business is, the power of mentorship is something that must always be considered as a great tool in order to advance your personal and professional growth. In film, the mentor is a character who takes a back seat to the protagonist of the story and serves the purpose of providing guidance, training and always wisdom. Mentoring relationships in the movies are a powerful example of how the advice and dedication of an individual can make all the difference when dealing with difficulty and challenges. Just like in real life, these mentors help their mentees redirect their approach towards their particular trials and influence their course of action to aid them in becoming a better version of themselves. Today we want to talk about some of the most popular mentoring relationships in the silver screen so we can reflect on the lessons they teach us and see how we can apply them to our everyday life and our own relationship with our mentor or mentee.

Yoda and Luke Skywalker – The Star Wars Saga

Yoda is probably one of the most popular mentors in any movie ever made. He is the personification of what we imagine as a source of wisdom and guidance to our protagonist. What is so special about Yoda, is that he is a one of a kind character who not only mentors Luke Skywalker into becoming the hero he must be in order to lead the rebellion, but he also helped Obi Wan Kenobi become a great mentor himself.

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Mr. Miyagi and Daniel LaRusso – The Karate Kid

Mr. Miyagi will always be remember as the unorthodox mentor who has his mentee do household chores in order to teach him karate. What is important about this relationship is the respect and confidence Daniel has on his mentor and that even if he didn’t understand the point of his lessons, he was diligent, disciplined and always followed Mr. Miyagi’s advice and trusted his guidance, something that made him better even before he even noticed it.

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Gandalf The Grey and The Fellowship of The Ring – The Lord of The Rings.

Gandalf was a great mentor because he was kind and protective over his charges above anything else. He understood that each one of the members of the fellowship required a different type of leadership and helped them become a better version of themselves and rise to the challenges against all odds. Gandalf always believed in their inner strength even when things were bleak, and he was able to see potential in all of them, just like every mentor should.

Mickey Goldmill & Rocky Balboa – Rocky

The relationship between Rocky and Mickey is very special because here we witness that a true mentorship must be mutually beneficial. We think that Mickey is mentoring Rocky and helping him become better and that is it, but upon a close look we can also realized that Rocky is motivating Mickey as well by giving him a will to see himself reflected in a worthy fighter, a way to leave a legacy from his former glory.

Professor Charles Xavier & The X-Men – The X-Men

The headmaster and founder of the Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters is a paternal figure and a mentor to the young mutants who are rejected because of their special condition. Professor X teaches them to hone their special skills while at the same time helping them to become better members of society in order to make the world a better place. He understands that not everyone is the same and that they all have different gifts that require specialized guidance in each case.

Agent K and Agent J – The Men in Black

This is another excellent duo in which the mentor learns probably as much as the mentee in their relationship. While the older agent K is teaching his protégé how to open his eyes and see the world around him, he is learning about trusting his emotions and being more flexible in order to respond better to out of the ordinary situations. They both complement each other and become better individuals through this amazing partnership.

Chef Auguste Gusteau and Remy – Ratatouille

The relationship between Chef Gusteau and Remy is another wonderful example of a mentor helping us achieve greatness and showing us we should believe in ourselves. Remy is a rat in a world where cooking is an activity that he simply should not be doing, however, he knows that it is his calling and pursues his dream with the encouragement of the ghost of a chef who believed that greatness resides in all of us if only given the chance to shine.

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