Endowment Funds at Yale Law School

yale law schoolA leading American law school, Yale Law School owes much of its continuing success to its endowment, which boasted a market value of $1.06 billion in June 2014. Invested within the endowment of Yale University as a whole, the endowment represents just over 50 percent of the school’s annual revenues. Yale Law School encourages alumni and community members alike to established endowed funds, which support a broad range of research activities, scholarships and loans, professorships, facilities, special programs, and more.

In terms of endowed opportunities, donors can name a fully tenured faculty position following a gift of $5 million. Donors also have the opportunity to support the Career Options Assistance Program, which forgives student loan debt and opens up career options for graduates. Other examples of student opportunity endowments include the Summer Public Interest Fellowship Program and a general scholarship fund. Endowed gifts can also support facilities such as classrooms, dining halls, and libraries.

To learn more about the Yale Law School funds, or to find out how to make an endowed gift, visit http://www.law.yale.edu.